Design of ventilation systems, air-conditioning factory

Designing ventilation and air-conditioning systems for the factory, how to design cost mattress still ensures the quality of cooling for employees at the factory, bringing high efficiency.

Choosing an air-conditioning system for a large-scale factory, Vietsum recommends that the investor should consider the following factors:

Cost savings:

Cost savings including both investment and operating costs and maintenance and repair costs for the air conditioning system.

Cooling scale:

When choosing the factory air conditioner, special attention should be paid that the cooling system for the factory must be suitable for the factory space, without affecting the internal layout even when there is a change in the machine. hook or number of workers.

Simple operation, easy maintenance:

The air-conditioning system must ensure simple operation and easy maintenance. In the event of a problem, if the air conditioning system is difficult to repair, it will greatly affect the production process.

Design of ventilation systems, air-conditioning factory

Design image of ventilation system, factory air conditioner


Survey design, get design data from the owner and factory site:

  • Architectural, interior and structural drawings files

  • Design progress for the project

  • Requirements from the investor (cost for the project, types of materials and equipment used for the project, …)

Construction characteristics analysis

  • Construction site of works

  • Function of the project

  • Analysis of the architectural features of the building

  • Determine the construction direction of the project (if possible)

Determining design standards for selecting calculated parameters, choosing air conditioning schemes;

3D modeling of factory air conditioning and ventilation systems;

Calculate moisture heat balance to determine the cold load for the system and determine the actual cold load for the building and calculate the ventilation system, design technical drawings of the system;

Hand over the system design drawing file to the investor;

Set up routine maintenance, maintenance, periodic testing of the system and data storage;

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