Factory maintenance inspection – factory maintenance procedures 2021

Why should we audit the factory maintenance, how to set up the factory maintenance process? How long is the workshop inspection process for site maintenance established and re-inspected?

Inspection of factories, buildings, textile, garment, footwear, import and export packaging is essential for the project to be used for a long time, stable and safe for business plan, employees at works – factory.

Factory works are used for a long time of 20-30 years, projects that are leased from factories that are 30-50 years old, will change a lot in the quality of works, gradually decreasing. Quality of building structures, factory components, architectural finishing materials, this degree of deterioration depends on many factors, mostly depending on the quality of design and construction of the house. workshop, construction works before.

The inspection, assessment, determination of damaged locations appearing on the construction site, affecting the quality of works of workshops, to calculate and conclude the safety and aesthetics of the works and put Making remedial plans every 3-5 years is very necessary for factories, garment factories, footwear factories, packaging workshops for import and export.

Factory inspection to establish process maintenance works, factory maintenance:

Therefore, Establishing a factory maintenance inspection process, which is inspected by Vietsum, with the task of consulting and inspecting to make a factory maintenance process to ensure the safety of the factory. production in the process of operation and use periodically is 3-5 years.


Factory maintenance inspection – factory maintenance inspection

Photo: Inspector observes the quality of hanging frames for factory maintenance.

Factory maintenance inspection – factory maintenance inspection

Photo: Inspector checks the cable suspension structure of the factory to make the process of factory maintenance.

Factory maintenance inspection – factory maintenance inspection

Photo: The inspector checks the roof suspension structure to evaluate and recommend the workshop maintenance measures.


A. – When to inspect the quality of the workshop for factory maintenance, construction maintenance, or factory maintenance ?

   –  It is necessary to check periodically by the verification unit according to the workshop maintenance plan, the factory is 3-5 years.

   – When it is detected that the quality of the work goes down, there are some failures of some structure of the factory or the works that show bad signs of the quality of the structure, not ensure safety for exploitation and use in production of the factory.

   – When there is a request to assess the quality of the current state of the factory – Audit factory – for the safety and maintenance of the factory for the works put into use but there is no record of inspection and assessment, there is no process. maintenance.

   – When the workshop needs inspection to make a decision to extend the useful life of the project, the workshop or workshop due to the expiration of the design life or to calculate solutions to renovate and upgrade the reusable building.

B. – Prepare and manage records of maintenance and maintenance of factories, buildings, workshops every 3-5 years?

   – First, make a plan for periodic inspection, repair, and maintenance of workshops, works, and workshops according to the wishes of the workshop owner. 

   – Then manage and keep records related to factory maintenance, work maintenance periodically, re-inspection for 3-5 years.

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