Make visual factory videos

Video production to introduce life and working environment, products supplied by factories to customers today are necessary for partners, customers, manufacturers to understand each other better.

Criteria to build a successful introduction movie:

The core of making factory introduction film, business introduction film is to find a business introduction film production unit capable of consulting script, content, story guide, camera angle technique … is the criterion that makes success.

Make visual factory videos

Pictures of technicians taking camera angles at the factory


Representative of Vietsum: Producer Tracy Le: 0909065632.

  1. Access to workshop: building, production activities, professional production processes, operating machinery and equipment of the factory and the workplace of employees.

  2. Select the content that the factory should introduce: businesses need to identify – the video topic – the purpose of use: for example: used to promote the business, used as bidding documents, …: for customers understand the overview of the business, the projects it has done.

  3. Choose a character telling the story to introduce the factory and the business: depending on what the video topic is, which character to choose – be it the director – or the head of production – or the staff directly involved in production.

  4. Video production: Filming at the factory, including production team: script, director, filming, editing.

  5. Acceptance of products: handed over to investors and store the content.

Hotline: Producer Tracy Lê – 0909065632

— “Vietsum successfully accompany with customers’ workshop” —


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